mesh2013 live

the partners

  • GE
  • Barclays
  • Guardian
  • City of SF
  • Kauffamn
  • Sidley
  • Mozilla

mesh2013 was our first global gathering and cultural immersion in the sharing economy ecosystem and community. mesh2013 brought together the instigators— entrepreneurs, designers, city planners, engineers, city government provocateurs, engineers, makers, artists, prototypers and all doers — those actively building products, services, policies, and communities. We are experimenting relentlessly with new forms of access, openness, ownership, funding, business models, delight delivery all enriching our world. It’s time to rethink and re-emerge, together.

part conference.
part moveable feast.
all engaging.

who's part of our growing global community?

those who can’t sit back and wait for someone else to make it happen. the mischief makers, prototypers, and provokers of the no status quo. those dedicated to wild ideas & taking yet unripe projects forward.

So, are you in ?